Osprey Communications has shown a lot of creativity in developing stories. Iím very pleased with the level of support they give us and the amount of coverage we are now getting. Graeme Prest, Forestry Commission NW England

Social Media

Social media is now firmly established as a high value information channel for businesses, events and service led organisations.

Social media channels such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter have become integral elements of effective communications campaigns.  Osprey can work with you to help set up and maintain a successful social media presence.

In manufacturing, we support GSK Ulverston with their digital activity, especially with the recruitment of new staff and updates about their new factory.

We have also set up and run highly popular Twitter and Facebook accounts for Hadrianís Wall and the International Comic Art Festival. These methods can quickly attract Ďlikesí and followers and help to create a real buzz around events or news. In the case of Hadrianís Wall, we were also able to use social media to attract thousands of volunteers to help illuminate the wall at a special event in 2010.
You can follow us on Twitter @OspreyComms and Paul Gardner also tweets as @TheLakeDistrict with over 10,000 followers.